Hello and Welcome!

We, Carmen and Mary, would like to welcome you to this, 606 Howard Street. The original 606 Howard Street was the house in which we lived during the second year of our master’s degree program. We remember it as a place of shared meals, adventurous paint choices,*  some fantastic parties,** and, most importantly, the kinds of protracted, all-encompassing, intense and illuminating conversations that fueled our intellectual lives inside and outside the classroom. Today we introduce the new 606 Howard Street, which we hope will be a way to continue these conversations with one another and, in addition, to bring a wider audience into the dialogue. Take a look at the pages under the header, which lay out what we are and are not trying to do with this project, our expectations for discussions, and a bit about ourselves. We’re still figuring out where we want to go with this to some degree, so don’t be surprised if things change as we go along. Thanks for reading!

*Pro tip: Go with paint colors that are a shade lighter than you think you want.

**We try to forget the dysfunctional heater and the mice.


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