The Idea

We, Mary and Carmen, have been enjoying a rich dialogue for several years.  We discuss our opinions and ideas, our personal experiences, and most often, our work and why it matters.  We’ve come to realize in our conversations that, though we attended the same graduate program, our work differs immensely, as a Bible scholar and a theologian, respectively.  What we’re trying to do here is learn through conversation. Through this blog, we will discuss our ideas and experiences, particularly as they relate to our respective work, in order to understand each other and our work better.

Because we intend to learn through conversation, we understand that ambiguity and disagreement will be part of our project. We’re not about drawing lines in the sand; we will change our minds and develop along with the conversation.  Also, we are not trying to write academic articles (but if we do make a factual mistake, cut us a break and correct us nicely in the comments). We don’t want to write term papers, we want to think out loud, with one another and those who care enough to comment.

A note, then, on intellectual property: while this format precludes rigorous citation (how many times in conversation have you said, “I read this idea somewhere or other…”?), it is absolutely not our intention to claim credit for another’s ideas. If you feel we have done so, please do contact us–we’re more than happy to give credit where credit is due.


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